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Helene van der Velde-van Kooij

Helene van der Velde-van Kooij

Physiotherapist, Master Manual therapist and Children’s Manual Therapist

BIG-number 19034187404

Education: Physiotherapy Rotterdam,
Manual Therapy SOMT,
Masterstudy Manual Therapy at the Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Helene van der Velde completed her Physiotherapy study in 1990. Directly after this she started the Manual Therapy Study. In 1995 she completed this at the SOMT. In 2012 she completed the additional Masterstudy Manual Therapy in Rotterdam.

She treats adults, and since 1998 baby’s and children as well (see ''manuele therapie bij kinderen').

She studied Visceral Therapy according to Barral and the study Innovative Embryonal Integrated Therapy of osteopath Frank de Bakker. 

Prior to this she attended many short and long courses within the broad field of physio and manual therapy, such as sport physiotherapy, manual lymphatic drainage and medical taping. 

She has been employed at Fysiotherapie Rotterdam Centrum since 1990.

Helene’s work days are Mondays, Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays.

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