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Evelien Sučec-Hoegee

Evelien Sučec-Hoegee

Physiotherapist, (children’s) Pelvic Physiotherapist

BIG-number 19033875504

Education: Physiotherapy in Rotterdam,
Pelvic Physiotherapy SOMT.

Evelien Sucec completed her study Physiotherapy at the Hogeschool van Rotterdam in 1987. Directly after this she worked in several independent physiotherapy offices  in Rotterdam for one year.

Evelien graduated in 2000 at the Scientific institute for Haptonomy. She integrates the haptonomy since 2006 with the pelvic physiotherapy.

In 2003 she started the specialisation pelvic physiotherapy at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Since the start of the specialisation, she particularly focuses on patients with pelvic and/or pelvic bottom injuries.

During her career as a (children’s) pelvic physiotherapist she has done several shorter and longer courses, particularly focused on pelvic physiotherapy. For instance medical Taping, TENS, DAM course, Myofascial trigger points, pregnancy related pelvic pain according to Cecile Röst and the treatment of tailbone pain. In 2004 she also completed the course children’s pelvic problems

In the spring of 2016 she completed the study mindful physiotherapist. She also integrates the mindfulness in her pelvic physiotherapeutic treatments. See demindfulfysiotherapeut.nl

Evelien is registered at the pelvic physiotherapy register as well as at the register pelvic pain according to Cecile Röst (www.bekkentherapie.nl).

Since 1988 she has been employed at Fysiotherapie Rotterdam Centrum.

Evelien’s work days are Tuesdays and Fridays at the center in Rotterdam downtown and on Wednesdays at Health centre Levinas, in Kralingen/Crooswijk.

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