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PregnantFit / MumFit

Also during your pregnancy it is good to move sufficiently during the day (30 min.per day). The fitter you are the better you will be able to handle the childbirth and the faster you will recover after.

Do you want to stay active in a responsible manner during or after your pregnancy? In the PregnantFit/MumFit program we offer active lessons of one hour during which strength, good posture, stamina, stretching, relaxation and breathing will be featured. Special attention will be paid to the pelvic bottom and the pelvic region. You are welcome from 16 weeks pregnancy on and from 16 weeks after the delivery. You can purchase a “package”of 10 active lessons (€ 180,00 incl. 4 theory lessons) A trial lesson is also possible.

Pleasure in moving is most important!

The lessons are given by our Pelvic Physiotherapist , Evelien Sučec-Hoegee.

She is a registered PregnantFit/MumFit lecturer and a member of the PregnantFit network, therefore the costs will be (partly) reimbursed by your supplementary health insurance.

The lessons are given every Tuesday from 7pm to 8 pm and from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. Theory lessons are from 8pm to 8:30 pm (by appointment)

Location: Van Oldenbarneveltplaats 412, Rotterdam.

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