Physiotherapy Rotterdam

Physiotherapy back massage


For whom?

Anyone who has questions or complaints about moving and /or his body posture may approach a physiotherapist. This also applies to rehabilitation after an injury or surgery. The complaints may be about pain, reduced strength, tenseness, stiffness or difficulty with moving and the use of your body. It bothers you for instance during every day things such as work, sports or hobby.

What may be expected?

Your treatment at Physiotherapy Rotterdam Centrum may consist of information, advice, and guidance with movements and exercises, massage and in some exceptional cases support with equipment. See Intake & Examination.

By whom?

The physiotherapists of Physiotherapy Rotterdam Centrum are specialized in various fields which results in a broad expertise. Our temporary substitute physiotherapists are also experienced and well educated. All physiotherapists are registered at the Quality Register of the professional association. See www.kngf.nl click on register.

Type of complaints?

Physiotherapy Rotterdam Centrum offers a solution to various disorders. On hierhebikpijn.nl you can have your complaints checked free of charge by means of an interactive physiotherapy check.

By answering the questions and performing the test in the physiotherapy check, your complaints will be compared to the most common physiotherapeutic disorders. The check gives an indication of the disorder (s) that we are possibly dealing with.

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