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Manual Therapy

What is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy is a method of treatment to reduce functional problems in joints, in order to recover from pain and stiffness complaints in the joints and muscles.
The Manual Therapists at Physiotherapy Rotterdam Centrum are physiotherapists whom, besides their completed physiotherapy study, have followed various studies for manual therapy. By having completed those studies, they have gained extra knowledge about the movement possibilities of the body and particularly of the vertebral column. Because of this, our manual therapists are very capable in determining the cause of different complaints. For every complaint they can propose a customized and personal solution.

The treatment program of the manual therapist consists of mobilizing and sometimes manipulating of joints, giving good instructions, advices, guidance and insight into healthy moving.

When to go to a manual therapist

When you can’t properly move a joint, or when you have joint pain of muscle related pains, manual therapy can be a solution. The effects of manual therapy are often noticeable immediately after the treatment; joints function improves and movement is easier.
Examples of complaints a manual therapist can treat:
-headache and neck pain combined with difficulty moving the vertebral column
-neck and shoulder complaints, radiating to the arms
-lower back complaints, with or without radiation to the legs
-upper back complaints, combined with (or not) rib and chest pain
-dizziness while moving the neck
-pelvic complaints
-recurring shoulder-elbow-and wrist complaints
-recurring hip-knee and feet complaints

Already during the first examination it will be apparent if and how the specific complaint can be fixed. Immediately after the first appointment you will have clarity about further treatment.

Work method Manual therapist

Intake ; immediate clarity

After a screening, your first appointment will consist of two parts: an intake and a physical examination. During the intake our manual therapist will ask questions about your complaints; for instance how they occurred and when they increase or decrease.
After this a physical examination will take place during which the manual therapist will judge your posture and movements and examine your joints. This way the causes of the complaints can be determined. Together with you, the manual therapist will decide whether manual therapy is useful or not. If that is the case, a plan of action will be discussed. That way you immediately have clarity about how to improve your condition. 

Treatment: effective therapy

The manual therapist knows a number of specific techniques that may be applied to improve the function of the joints and the posture and movements. Often the effects are immediately noticeable: patients feel an improvement in mobility and a decrease in pain. 

Our manual therapists work closely together with our physiotherapists, pelvic physiotherapists and children’s physiotherapists. The manual therapy provides better mobility, so exercise therapy can be more effective. 

Extra points of attention from our manual therapists

Manual therapy for children

The children’s physiotherapists at Physiotherapy Rotterdam Centrum closely work together with our manual therapists. We treat many children in the age of 0 to 18 yrs old  in our centre, for the following reasons: read more >

Manual therapy for pelvic complaints

The pelvic physiotherapists at Physiotherapy Rotterdam Centrum work closely together with the manual therapists.
The manual therapists gained specialistic knowledge about pelvic complaints by following courses. See pelvic physiotherapy

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