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Manual therapy in children

Manual therapy for children

Manual therapy for children

The children’s physiotherapists in our center work closely together with our manual therapists. We treat many children from 0 to 18 yrs old in our center for the following reasons:

  • Infants who cry a lot and infants with a posture preference, benefit greatly from treatment by the manual therapist. Birth may result in a very high pressure on the skull (think about a vacuum delivery or a very rapid delivery). This may cause a lot of tension in neck and skull right after birth, which can result in a posture preference or hyperextension position of the whole body.

  • One of our children’s manual therapists is also a visceral therapist, Visceral therapy considers the human body as one unity: everything is connected together by means of connective tissue, the fascia. When the movement of the fascia is disturbed (for example by pressure on the skull during delivery or by a tight position in the womb), visceral therapy can recover this and help to get more overall balance in the child’s body..

    The techniques of the visceral therapy are very gentle and are focused on the connective tissue of the skull and the organs. 

  • Toddlers and school children whom have problems with motor skills like frequent falling, clumsiness in movement and difficulty with good posture are treated by the children’s physiotherapist as well as the manual therapist.

  • Children with headaches.
    There is a close cooperation between our center and neurologists. The children with headaches, by whom the children’s neurologist cannot find any medical abnormalities, are being referred to the children’s physiotherapist and the manual therapist for a combination treatment. The manual therapist will take care of the optimal movement of the vertebral column and pelvis so that the children’s physiotherapist can work on smooth motor skills and a good posture together with the child.

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