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dry needling

Dry Needling

Dry needling

Dry needling is part of physiotherapeutic treatments and is applied in addition to the normal physio or manual therapeutic treatment. With dry needling a special technique is being used by puncturing certain triggerpoints in muscles with a “dry” acupuncture needle. A triggerpoint is a pressure sensitive spot in a muscle, which, besides normal pressure pain, also causes pain elsewhere in the body. By puncturing these triggerpoints with the needle the muscles will relax fast and for a long time.

Dry needling needle

With dry needling a (dry) acupuncture needle is being used meaning that there is no liquid used. It is based on Western anatomic and neurophysiological principles, not to be confused with  acupuncture.

How does dry needling feel?

You barely feel insertion of the needle.  When the triggepoint is being punctured you feel a faint tightening of the muscle locally.  You may experience this as a kind of cramp. After this the muscle will relax and you will be able to move easier. Often the treated area may feel a bit tired and/or stiff, usually this does not last long.  

Part of physiotherapy

Dry needling is part of the general physiotherapy treatment. If you have the supplementary insurance these treatments will be covered also. 

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