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Children's yoga

Children's yoga

Yoga means connection between body and mind. But it also means unity, totally focused on what you do, what you experience and who you are.

In the yoga classes of Yoga Playground, attention is paid to the yoga postures, to the breathing. The lessons focus on being able to concentrate, paying attention to breathing helps with this. Yoga postures strengthen the body and support relaxation. The lessons for the younger children have a dynamic “build up”structure in which effort and relaxation alternate. The exercises are practiced in a playful manner and by using attributes. It can be helpful for children with headaches, posture problems, stress, lack of movement and breathing problems. Children who have no complaints but who want to come for fun are also welcome in the classes.

Due to the group size of up to 6 participants, personal attention can be guaranteed.

Class times:

Thursday 6.15-7.15 pm 12+
Saturday 9:00-10:00 am 8-12 years 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.


135.00 Euros per 10 lessons
15.00 Euros per single lesson

You can register at the physiotherapy desk, call 010 - 4114224 or send an email to info@fysiorc.nl


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