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Children’s physiotherapy

What is children’s physiotherapy? 

A children’s physiotherapist is specialized in the field of the movement function of children and young people in the age of 0 to 18 years old.

Children learn playfully. By moving and playing, children will develop their senses and motor skills. Some children have problems with this development. This may be a result of a disorder of the nervous system, the posture and movement system, senses, organs or by a lack of experience in motor skills. 

Having control of the motor skills is extremely important (a prerequisite) for development of other fields such as playing, talking, learning, concentrating and self confidence. Unlike adults, a constant change based on growth and development takes place. This is an important part of the treatment. 

Children require their own specific way of treatment. A children’s physiotherapist has the theoretical and practical knowledge to guide the child and improve social en physical function.

Examination and treatment

By doing an examination and a number of standard tests, the children’s physiotherapist of Physiotherapy Rotterdam Centrum will get a complete indication of the level of motor skills of the child. The children’s physiotherapist will discuss the findings and will set up a treatment plan with the child and the parents. In order to get a complete understanding of the situation, often information is obtained from the teacher, pediatrician and other practitioners. The treatment consists of exercise/movement therapy, during which game materials are used and offered in a child friendly environment. The treatment may also consist of (rhythmic) massage depending on the “complaint”. If it concerns problems with Sensory Processing the treatment will consist of Sensory Integration Therapy (SI-therapy).  The treatment will be specifically tailored to the complaint and needs of de child. We work closely with other disciplines of physiotherapy. For example if the complaint consist of joint problems we work closely with the (children's) manual therapist. And for pelvic and incontinence problems we consult a (children’s) pelvic physiotherapist.

By whom?

The children will be examined by the children’s physiotherapist. They are all registered at the quality Register (Kwaliteits register) of the professional Association. The therapy for Sensory Processing Problems is done by a specialized SI-therapist.

For whom:
infants, toddlers and preschoolers, schoolkids, young people.

Below are the most common complaints/problems that we treat. Besides these there are more problems/complaints we treat. Please contact us if your problem/complaint is not listed. 

Indications and signals 


  • ADHD/PDD-NOS/autisme,
  • DCD,
  • Sensory Processing Problems,
  • Sensory motor skills problems,
  • Writing problems/ problems with fine motor skills,
  • Problems with the gross motor skills,
  • Chronic headache,
  • Asymmetrical infant,
  • Plagiocephalometry  (measuring asymmetry of the skull / cranial deformities),
  • Down’s  Syndrome and other syndromes,
  • Pelvic Bottom problems,
  • Incontinence Problems,
  • Breathing Problems,
  • Cystic Fibrosis,
  • Neurological Problems,
  • Orthopedic Problems,
  • Complex Care.

Sensory Integration Therapy

Sensory Integration means processing of sensory stimulants. Disorders of the Sensory Stimulants Processing are called SI-problems. A child with these problems may have a reduced registration of the senses, (undersensitivity) or an increased registration (oversensitivity). 

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The children’s physiotherapists of Physiotherapy Rotterdam Centrum work together closely with other disciplines, because there are often other problems besides the problems with the motor skills.On a regular basis, an internal consult will take place and if necessary treatments will be adjusted accordingly.

We work together for instance with:

  • Family doctors,
  • Pediatricians,
  • Specialists (rehabilitation doctors, orthopedists, neurologists),
  • Speech therapists,
  • (Children's) - manual therapist,
  • Ergo Therapists (occupational therapists),
  • Rijndam Rehabilitation Centre ,
  • Centre for Youth and Family/ Consultation office doctors,
  • Regional Schools,
  • KDC Bride,
  • MKDV Citykids,
  • Association Vroeghulp / Association MEE,
  • Van der Poel, specialist in semi-orthopedics and children’s shoes.
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