Physiotherapy Rotterdam

member of the Fysio Rotterdam Center employee during the intake interview

Intake & Examination

At your first visit at Physiotherapy Rotterdam Centrum we analyze your complaint. The therapist will ask you about the origin of the complaint, when the complaint occurs, how long you have had the complaint and what makes the complaint worse or what alleviates the complaint. After this a physical examination will follow.  During this the therapist will assess your posture and movement. The therapist will discuss the conclusions of the examination with you and will set up a treatment plan. For further explanation see  '“specializations”.'.

If you come without  a referral from the doctor, a “screening’ of about 10 minutes will take place before the intake. During this we will determine whether you should go to your family doctor with your complaint or whether physiotherapy  is indeed necessary. With that we mean “have you come to the right place with your complaint”? If that is the case you can be treated (without a doctor’s referral) by one of our therapists (physiotherapist, manual therapist, children’s therapist or pelvic physiotherapist).

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