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Physiotherapy Rotterdam Centrum has contracts again in 2023 with almost all Insurance Companies. If you have a supplementary Insurance for Physiotherapy the rates are determined depending on the contract. The invoice will be sent directly to your Insurance Company. However you are responsible yourself for checking your policy conditions for reimbursement for physiotherapy. .

We did not conclude a contract with ENO in 2023, which includes the following health insurers: ZorgDirect , Salland en HollandZorg.
Caresq includes EUCARE en Aevitae. We also did nog conclude a contract with Zorg en Zekerheid..

We are unable to declare for you if you have insurance with one of the above mentioned companies, we do not have a contract with them.. You will get an invoice from us directly after your treatment, which you have to pay by card at our frontdesk. You are responsible to submit the invoice to your own insurance company. Perhaps check first which percentage they will reimburse

Check your policy to see how much you will get reimbursed (treatments for children up to age 18 are covered by the basic insurance, 18 times. The invoice will also go directly to the Insurance company. In some specific cases, adults who have basic insurance, will get reimbursed after the 20th treatment. (see lijst chronische indicaties Borst)

If it concerns pelvic physiotherapy with urinary incontenence 9 treatments are reimbursed by the insurance company out of the basic insurance, provided  there is a written referral from a doctor.

Note:treatments reimbursed by your basic insurance are taken off  the legally stated deductable. (this does not apply to children until the age of 18)
Note:treatments reimbursed by your supplementary insurance do not count for the deductable.



Session Physiotherapy



Session Manual therapy



Session Children's physiotherapy



Session Pelvic physiotherapy



Consult (one-off examination and report)



Surcharge treatment at home



Surcharge treatment at an healthcare institution



Short report, excl BTW



Long report , excl BTW



Consult by telephone



Screening direct accessibility



Intake and examination after screening



Intake and  examination after referral



Screening, intake and examination



Instruction/consultation parents of the patient



One-off Children's physiotherapist report



No-show charge physiotherapy



No show charge Manual/Pelvic and Children's Physiotherapy



Babysling consul



Babysling consul extention



Cancelling an appointment

If you need to cancel an appointment for some reason, you need to do this within 24 hours before the scheduled appointment  Please note: appointments that have not been cancelled at all or not on time cannot be declared with the insurance company. Therefore this will have to be paid by you. For this the no show charge applies. See fees above. 

To cancel an appointment you can call: 010-4114224 (when the assistant is absent you can leave a voicemail message) or by email: info@fysiorc.nl of per sms.

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