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For 50 years our center has put people first. We stick to this regardless the new Healthcare laws or rules. We treat in an open atmosphere and deal with the problem together with the patient. 

After an intake and examination the patient will get an explanation about the nature of the health problem. After all, if it is clear what the problem is and what caused it, we can look for solutions to prevent it from coming back, or to create an as optimal as possible situation.

The therapist will at first take away the impediments in order to stimulate the recovery process. After this it is up to the patient: it is his/her responsibility during the recovery process to practise in order to increase the load capacity and thus reducing the chance of the complaint to recur. 

In our center we usually discuss the more complex issues with colleagues (anonymously of course). The person who is being treated by one of our therapists benefits this way from the expertise of several therapists and disciplines. We keep up our expertise by taking specific extra and/or refresher courses. We also have inter collegial consultations, during which branch related topics are always discussed.

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